Musicians performers and filmmakers generally ask the basics, i.e. what, when where, and how to launch and implement a successful PR campaign. 

When working with fine artists, the question is most often –


So, why is it that so many artists don’t get why?

There is a host of reasons.  Much of it is cultural. 

Artists are generally taught that they shouldn’t market, they shouldn’t have to market, marketing is crass, they should be creating art for art’s sake, if their art is good, that’s enough…  I could go on, but you get the picture.

If you’re an artist, avoid these traps.  Yes, your art is the thing – to paraphrase a somewhat famous writer – but it needs help.

Once you’ve created your art it needs to be nurtured, tended, cared for.  And, unless you are creating your art solely for yourself (which is perfectly valid), you need to build a bridge between your art and the public, collectors, buyers, and galleries.  You need to give it a chance to soar, which means, you need to market.

By that I don’t mean a hard sell, or smoke and mirrors.  You can make an art of your marketing.  Have it reflect you; have it be organic, genuine, authentic.

Our mantra at PR for Artists is that effective PR is effective storytelling, so tell your story.  Turn your narrative into your marketing. 

So, let’s get back to why, why should you PR and market your work? 

For several reasons reasons.  An effective PR campaign can:

Increase your sales.
Get you on the radar of the public, collectors, galleries, and museums.
Offer you the credibility and validation of being featured in the news.
Separate you from the competition.
Reach your target market and also penetrate new markets.

That’s just for starters.  An effective public relations campaign can help generate interest in other projects or ventures. We had a major publisher offer a book deal to one of our clients.  Media exposure helped us garner a book deal.  A film director landed a distribution deal.  Artists have landed gallery representation and media that we placed led an artist to develop a working relationship with a major studio.

One thing is for sure –

Doing nothing generally leads to nowhere. 

Regardless of your time, or your budget, let go of your preconceived ideas about marketing your art. 

Be proactive

Take action!

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