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Join us Saturday, March 5th, for a unique Art Exhibition in Venice, CA. Sophie Kipner, who is featured in the Huffington Post and Los Angeles Magazine, will be showcasing her collection DONTLIFTUPDONTLOOKDOWN. Kipner explores the traditional technique of blind contour while putting her own unique spin on the pieces, turning them into bold, engaging works of art.

“It’s clear that Sophie Kipner’s inspiration stems from an upbringing saturated with culture and music, but it was her own leaps and bounds that lead to where she is today…The work begins as a line drawing, and after the contouring is complete, charcoal shading and acrylic tones are added for finalization. This principle of post-shading and added color is where Kipner’s diversity as an artist shines. The hues are not only chosen for aesthetic purpose, but are reflections of the subject. It’s almost as if Kipner is creating her own organic “aura” for each drawing and figure. Since commencing her series in May, Kipner has completed over 110 commissioned works, and has around 40 in the pipeline.”- The Huffington Post

The event will also be serving wine and spirits.

When: Saturday, March 5th at 7 pm

Where: Wndo Space– 361 Vernon Ave. Venice, CA 90291 United States

Admission: Free

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