Why PR for Artists

artist-audience1PR for Artists is a concept that’s been with us for quite a while.  When it comes to creating art and marketing art, we’ve been on both sides of the fence, (so to speak) and know it can often be an uneasy fit.  As an artist, your responsibility is creating the best work you can.  Particularly now, it’s often difficult to realize that’s not where your job ends if you want your art to reach your audience.

Creating the work is step one, marketing it is a whole other story.  But if you realize that creating a successful PR campaign for your work is an art form in itself, you can begin to look at it with new eyes.  Whether offline or online, your story is your fortune. A band, author, filmmaker or a painter becomes successful once they tell their story in a believable, impactful way.  Effective PR truly is the art of storytelling.   The media doesn’t want to be sold or hyped.  It doesn’t want smoke-and-mirrors or jargon.  What it wants (and needs on a daily basis) is compelling stories.

Because it’s not always economically feasible for an artist to retain the services of a PR firm, we’ve developed packages to help you create, develop and launch your own campaign.  I take you through the entire process including developing your story (s), creating your pitch, writing an effective press release, building a media list, utilizing the Internet, etc.

This approach has been developed specifically for artists, drawing from my experience as a music journalist, novelist, playwright and PR consultant.  I can attest to the fact that success can be measured in one way; the impact your story has on the public.  How you develop and tell your story makes the difference between a struggling artist and a breakout success.

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