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Come see the work of contemporary artist, NiLi 倪立 , at the LA Art Show  starting  January 11th.

Inspired by her Chinese heritage, contemporary artist, NiLi, creates mixed media work incorporating the ancient art form of calligraphy. Her pieces, some crafted atop wooden long boards, some on the hoods of cars, depict her appreciation for ancient Chinese prose and this complex yet appreciated technique. At the root of NiLi’s work is a drive to bring contemporary culture and new life to the art of calligraphy. Her work was recently shown at the Shanghai 2016 Art Fair, and now NiLi is bringing her profound work to Los Angeles. Opening reception of the LA Art Show will be on January 11th, 2017, with following show dates on the 12th through the 15th. Please join us in viewing NiLi’s work at gallery Steiner in booth 826.