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On April 7th the opening reception will take place at the Tresorie Gallery in Hoboken, New Jersey. Malizia will be showing his collection, Faces: A Retelling and introducing his ongoing project and gallery, My Life Studio.

Malizia’s collection Faces: A Retelling boldly demonstrates his encaustic technique, along with a method and vision that very much sets him apart. Each portrait uses a fine blend of dyed wax, paint and reclaimed material, ranging from hand-dyed silk to denim to burlap, all coming together to form a cohesive portrait with a significant physical foundation. The subjects of the portraits, such as Warhol, Dali and Frida, have all been cited as an artistic and personal influence of Malizia.

Along with the display of Malizia’s work, My Life Studio will be introduced, his program that follows a similar process. My Life Studio works with families and loved ones looking to put a different use to their memories. The process involves individuals and/ or families bringing in keepsake artifacts, collaborating with Malizia on the aesthetic and symbolic details behind the piece, and then transforming the artifacts into works of fine art. Malizia gives new life to playbills, documents, tickets, and drawings, enhancing each piece with watercolor, acrylic, oils, stencils, etc. The end result provides the collaborator with works of art that radiate in sentimental value. As a proud father of two, Malizia thoroughly understands how precious subtle tokens of remembrance can be. My Life Studio is a branch of his acknowledgment, that has successfully lead to many commissioned pieces and happy buyers.

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Show details: 
When: April 7th through May 15th 2016
Where: Tresorie Gallery in Hoboken, New Jersey

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