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Join us Friday, December 11th, for a unique Art Exhibition in the heart of Los Feliz. Joshua Shultz, who is featured in The Huffington Post as “LA’s Rising Director and Photographer”, will be showcased at this unique pop up art event, which will be held next door to Los Feliz’ storied Skylight bookstore and theatre company. The event will feature Shultz’ photography for sale, live music, and spirits.
“Most of the photographs and film that Joshua Shultz creates center around his clients, whom are usually celebrities, notable bands and large companies. But his work is not a reflection of who is handing over money, it is a portal into the mind of someone who filters beauty through a compassionate eye and is keen on creating individual worlds devoted to these people. With a Canon, natural light and two lenses, Shultz creates photos that are crisp, focused and highlight nuance details. His goal is to capture an image that is nearly impossible to look away from. In many of his photographs, one can easily see a comfort and a “dance” that comes with knowing your subjects while developing an artistic, unbreakable rhythm.” – The Huffington Post
Along with Shultz’ vivid artwork, this event will feature a raw juice tasting sponsored by Clover Juice.
Friday, December 11th at 7 pm
Admission: Free
If you are an art collector, art dealer, curator, or art media professional, and would like to request access to this VIP event, please contact:
Aubrie Wienholt