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Join us on October 13th to experience the Fall Sol Night of What Lies Inside, Stays Inside, an exhibition by artist, Christophe Piallat.

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Opened in early July, photographic and installation artist, Christophe Piallat brought his organic, delightfully strange artwork to Los Angeles for the first time in this solo exhibition, What Lies Inside, Stays Inside. Christophe has created an evolving gallery/ studio and community space that captures light in fantastical and experiential ways.

Using foil, paper, plastic, and water to manipulate light, Christophe constructs installations that reflect on his photographic and scenic building background to create otherworldly geological formations. This solo exhibition confronts the nature of illusion and facade while transporting the viewer to alternate perceptual realities. The Fall Sol Night celebrates the progression of the sun’s fade toward the southern hemisphere and our human need to add artificial light in the face of a darkening sky.

Three new outdoor installations using solar lighting have been designed for the event and will also feature theatrical performances by Chromegirl and others, sonic curation by That Cosmic Echo, and visually alluring, tasty snack treats from Bee Kind Cakes. Complimentary wine included.

Learn more about Christophe Piallat by visiting:
Christophe Piallat’s Website

Event details:
Thursday, October 13th 7-11pm
Canterbury Records Cornerstore
805 E Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101