Warhol’s Business Secrets

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol

Warhol was right!

Turning up the Exposure on your Artwork

Why are some artists featured in magazines, newspapers and on TV, while others seem to remain under the radar?  Why do some careers take off while others falter or flounder? The quality of the art work, that’s always the starting point, but that is seldom the complete...

An Artist’s Success Blueprint

Let’s start with the basics – are you currently marketing and working to bring exposure to your work? If so, congratulations. If not, let’s get you started. But, before you launch a PR, social media or marketing campaign, you want to make sure that you’ve outlined your objectives and thoroughly mined your stories.

Why Artists Need PR

Musicians performers and filmmakers generally ask the basics, i.e. what, when where, and how to launch and implement a successful PR campaign.  When working with fine artists, the question is most often - WHY. So, why is it that so many artists don’t get why? There is...

The Reality (Behind the Myth) of Going Viral

Artists are daily posting images and videos online. Many do so with the hope that that last image they posted will break through the social media barriers, fly past the noise and go viral. But how realistic is that scenario?

Shining Art in the Dark

These are chaotic unsettling times.  These are time of walls and fear and suspicion.  The rancor and vitriol seems to be perpetually stuck in high gear.  People feel unsafe, unsure and lost, tossed about in the divisiveness and turbulence.     And because of that –...

The Two Biggest Marketing Mistakes Artists Make

To start, if you’re an artist and you’re marketing your work, congratulations! You are already ahead of so many others in your field. But, you don’t simply want to market yourself and your work, you want to efficiently and effectively do so.  The trouble is that...

#Instagram: Making the Most of Visual Social Media

While we can’t underestimate the value of all social media platforms for artists, the truth is that one application remains king above all: Instagram. As a predominantly visual app, Instagram has all the right tools to make your artwork shine (or even better, sell!),...

Two Top Media Campaign Mistakes Artists Can Avoid

If you’ve hired a PR firm, or PR consultant to launch your media campaign, rule number one is work with them.  Although the majority of clients we’ve worked with have been great, in over two decades of working in the PR field, I have run into a few who, for whatever...

How do I Market My Art?

You can’t have your art seen if no one knows where to see it. That sounds obvious, but it’s one of the major pitfalls most artists encounter. It makes sense, most artists try to focus their time on creating their art. If they have the luxury of being full time artists, they want to spend as much time in their studio working on their art. If they need to hold down a “day job” they are even more jealous of their time and want to use the time they have left creating.

Marketing Your Art by Pulling back the Curtain

If you’re utilizing social media as a way to build your audience and reach out to the public, remember that people are generally intrigued when artists draws back the curtain and give a behind-the-scenes look at their work and their process. This might seem...

The Art of Celebrating success (with a small s)

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” is a quote attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Although there is some dispute as to whether he ever said that, he did write: “To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom.”

The Power of Art

Art, success, and money are not incompatible.

Fine Art PR: The Art of Effective Storytelling

One of our mantras at PR For Artists is that effective PR is effective storytelling. It’s not about a hard sell, it’s about creating compelling stories with strong narratives.

The trouble is that most artists are too close to their work (and their careers) to be able to see their stories. Or they don’t realize what makes a compelling story or how to present their stories in ways that will interest the media and the public.

Social Media For Artists: Share & Sell

Social media has become an integral aspect of most artist’s marketing. For some, it has become a part of their art and, in a sense, an extended canvas.

From our perspective, traditional media is the most powerful approach for enhancing your social media outreach. Launching a traditional PR campaign will garner you media coverage in magazines, newspapers as well as on TV, radio and online media outlets. You can then post those media links on your various social media platforms. You have now separated yourself from most other artists online. You aren’t simply posting your thoughts, or personal images, as everyone else is posting. You are establishing that your art is newsworthy.

Defining Success as an Artist

Although PR and marketing is generally what helps cement an artist’s success in the marketplace, as an artists you will have your own definition of success.

But often those initial definitions and ideas are passed on by others and have a tendency to be very limiting.

The Importance of Rejection

You’ve reached out and presented your work to galleries, companies, exhibits, and you continue to receive polite rejections, not so polite rejections and sometimes simply silence.

You’ve done your work. You’ve put in your time. You’ve perfected and refined your art and…


The powers that be and the universe have reacted with a resounding


So, do you stop? Are you being sent a cosmic message? Is it time to grow up realize that you’re going down the wrong path? Forget launching a marketing or PR campaign. Maybe you should throw in the towel and close the door on this chapter of your life?

Good questions. Read on..

The Art of L.A.

Los Angeles was always thought of as a film town, or a TV town, or a music town. But never as an art town.

Well, as the saying goes, never say never.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, that’s exactly what L.A. is becoming.

To quote Julia Chaplin’s recent article: ”In the last two years, more than 24 galleries have moved into the warehouses and decommissioned factories in downtown Los Angeles on either side of the desiccated Los Angeles River, including the Arts District and neighboring Boyle Heights, offering a new party destination for the city’s thriving art scene.”

Caring for Your Art

It can be exhausting being an artist. There are so many seemingly peripheral aspects to be considered that on the surface appear to have nothing to do with the art of… Creating art. If you’re not yet supporting yourself by your art, you need to work to bring in a paycheck so you can keep yourself afloat while you’re working on your art.

Create Your Perfect Media Pitch & Win a Free Month of PR

“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

That quote is credited to quite a few notables including: Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Voltaire, Blaise Pascal, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Winston Churchill, Pliny the Younger, Cato, Cicero, and Benjamin Franklin

Learning the Art of Marketing in 3 Acts

Learning the art of marketing your art needn’t be frightening or intimidating. Our bet is that it can actually be fun. With that bet in mind on April 1st, in Burbank, California, PR for Artists is offering a seminar for artists, by artists.

When to Launch a PR Campaign for Your Art

I was speaking to a new client the other day who wanted to wait to launch her PR campaign until her show which is, at that point, over eight months away. She’s based in Europe and this will be her first U.S. exhibition.

Bowie: Farewell to the Ch-ch-ch Changes

During my time as a freelance journalist there were three interviews that got away, one was with Bob Dylan, the other with the writer Henry Miller and the third with David Bowie. Although I was intrigued by the thought of interviewing Dylan, he was notorious for toying with interviewers. You knew you were going into a mind field and chances of coming out with more than an interesting experience were slim. That said, Henry Miller and Bowie were the interviews I regretted losing the most.

The Art of Breaking the PR Rules

You’re an artist, so chances are breaking rules is not that foreign a concept to you. So, with that in mind, try approaching your PR and marketing with that same mindset.

Artist as Entrepreneur

The New York Times recently ran an article on Danielle Baskin, a 27 year old artist turned entrepreneur. The title of the article is: “An Entrepreneur Juggles Six Companies and One Worker: Herself.”

Although her story is one artists can learn from, that’s not to say that every artist needs to focus on being an entrepreneur. Still the article does illustrate the kind of opportunities that are available to artists. As the article explains, her business was as self-contained and shoe-string as a business can be.

The Genesis of PR for Artists & the PR for Artist Gallery Exhibit

It was approximately seven years ago that Aubrie Wienholt and I began experimenting with the PR for Artists idea. Although the company had represented films, authors, directors and musicians in the past, representing fine artists was a new endeavor. The focus for PR for Artists was organic. The concept was to have artists representing artists.

Joshua Shultz Art Exhibition

Our mantra at PR FOR ARTISTS is for artists to be as creative with their marketing as they are with their art. The goal is to turn marketing into an art. Warhol certainly transformed his marketing into an art form.

How to Avoid the Two Biggest PR Mistakes Artists Make

A few weeks back I received an email from an artist who had booked her first solo show. As she explained it was coming up in two weeks. She was excited. She saw this as being an opportunity to truly establish herself and her artwork. She wanted us to work with her to launch a campaign to garner media coverage, create a buzz and start help drive peoples to the exhibit.

The Gift of Art: A Holiday PR Campaign

A few years back I began to notice a new trend. A number of prospective clients began contacting us not for themselves, but for someone they cared for, admired, or championed. They were calling to give a PR campaign as a holiday gift.

Cuban Artist Julio Larraz Opens Solo Show in Chelsea

I was speaking to someone about Cuban Artist Julio Larraz the other day who described him as a Titan in the art world. I echo that sentiment. Larraz has been called one of most important contemporary Latin American artists of our time. I’d go so far to say he is the most important.

PR Your Art & Your Brand (Yes, Brand!)

I prepare for this whenever discussing marketing with fine artists. I toss the word “brand” out intentionally, as one would a grenade. I generally wait until the artist is fully engaged in the conversation excited about where her (In this case she was female, but I’ve had the same reaction from males) art could go, how we could promote her work, the various creative ways we could build bridges between her and the public, and how we could utilize the media to get her art in front of collectors, investors, gallery owners and the public at large. She was excited as we reviewed the possibilities.

Artists, Collectors and the Whys of PR

When we offer our PR for Artists seminars to musicians, filmmakers or authors, we jump right into the whats and hows of PR and marketing, but when we’re addressing visual artists we’ve found that it’s important to start with the whys.

PR for Artists at the Brewery Art Colony

We recently offered a PR for Artists seminar at the Brewery Art Colony and were amazed by the range, breath and variety of art and artists which the campus offered. The Brewery is a unique creative ecosystem where painters, sculptors, writers, musicians and mixed media artists live work, and create. It is a small city unto itself complete with its own restaurant and an unexpected gym complete with rock climbing walls.

Creative Approaches to Showcasing and Marketing Your Art

It’s not always easy to find venues to showcase your work. And it’s not difficult to get locked in that gallery-or-nothing mentality. Galleries are definitely important, but they are not the end-all-and-be-all when it comes to displaying your art and reaching the public. As a recent article in the New York Times illustrated, the landscape is shifting and New York-based galleries are no longer the only places to view or buy fine art.

Creating Your Brand as an Artist

Although developing a strong PR narrative is generally the best way to create a powerful brand for you and for your artwork, don’t think in terms of selling or marketing – think of stories.

Effective PR isn’t about creating ads, commercials, or a sales pitches, but about developing a strong, compelling story told with flair and personality.

Burroughs, Fiction & Your Personal Art History

Several years ago when I was working as a freelance writer I had the rare opportunity to interview William Burroughs aka famed writer, aka Old Bull Lee from Kerouac’s “On the Road.” I generally interviewed musicians, which was cool, but, since my focus was on writing,...

5 PR & Marketing Strategies Successful Artists Implement Daily

PR and marketing are major components when it comes to launching a successful career as an artist. With that in mind, the following are: 5 PR and Marketing Strategies Successful Artists Use 1. They market themselves and their work! They do their work, create their art...

Secrets to Pitching (Both) Art Galleries And The Media

Presenting yourself to an art gallery is not that dissimilar from presenting yourself to the media. It’s not a one-to-one correlation, but the approach is very similar. Below are some pitching tips to consider when contacting one, or both. Contacting the media with a...

Perception Creates Reality: The Art of Creating Value

I was reading an article that was discussing why the more information, history and context that accompanies a work of art, the more attractive it is to potential buyers or collectors. So, the more you inform potential buyers about your work, the more you increase its...

The Democratization of Art – & How That Affects You, The Artist

As a recent article in the L.A. Weekly by Catherine Wagley attests, art is blooming in L.A.  At least art galleries are, which will afford artists new outlets and broaden the bulls-eye. New York is still an art Mecca, but it is slowly losing its reputation as the...

How Does PR for Artists Work?

We represent artists, but we are also a company comprised of artists. We therefore understand not only the issues and often resistance that comprise marketing ones work, but the issues, time, frustration, joy and wonder that comes from creating a work of art. Our...

Developing a Distinctive Style and Brand for Your Art

When building a brand for you and your art remember: you want your brand to be as distinctive as you are. Some artists like to have their brand extend to themselves and their lives. Others want to keep it primarily focused on their art work. Focus on your strengths,...

I Need PR For My Gallery Show Which Opens – Next Week

I received a call from an artist the other day who wanted to discuss launching a public relations campaign for her upcoming gallery show. “Great,” said I, “when is it?” “In a week,” she said cheerily. “Someone in the entertainment industry told me that if I brought on...

You’ve Landed Media Coverage? Now is the Time to Launch a PR Campaign

I was speaking to an artist the other day who was telling me that she and her artwork were going to be featured in a magazine. I congratulated her and told her she should consider doing some media outreach to maximize her exposure. Her response was that she was going...

Can You Launch A PR Campaign For Your Art Without A Gallery Show?

I was talking to an artist the other day. He had spoken to representatives at two public relation firms who told him that he wasn’t a good candidate for PR because he didn’t have an upcoming gallery show. I’m not quite sure what to make of those two responses. Either...

Finding New Ways to Showcase (and Sell) Your Art

You can’t sell your work, if you don’t make it easily accessible. If potential customers and collectors can’t see your art, they won’t buy it. If you are a new artist, or a new artist to the public and are unwilling to show your art in venues outside of galleries and...

Art In The Post-internet Age & How To Market It

There are a few different ways to look at art in the post-internet age. In simplest terms it is art that was created after the 1990s. That’s easy enough. There is also art that was created for featured only (or primarily) online bypassing galleries or museums. There...

Attention Artists: Stop Waiting – Act!

As I’ve written in other articles, too many artists create their art and wait, or submit to galleries and wait, or send out emails and wait, or… you get the picture. Waiting is not a business strategy. Sure, there will be plenty of instances when you’re waiting for...

How To Succeed As An Artist – Fine Arts Marketing and Artist PR

Most artists don’t succeed because they firmly believe life works in a certain way. Many are unable to release preconceived ideas, take contrary action, or approach problems from a new perspective. This is a shocker for most artists. Their stock-in-trade is...

No Gallery Representation? You can still market art!

“He who hesitates is lost,” is a quote that is generally attributed to Joseph Addison's play Cato (1712). Although the exact wording might have been lost through the centuries, we all understand the sentiment. The bottom line being, if you wait, opportunity can simply...

What Art School Taught You About Marketing: (Probably) Nothing

I was talking to a prospective client the other day. He was telling me about a friend of his who went to law school and how she had been given guidance in how to create her resume, reach out to possible employers, present herself at interviews, create a target list of...

So, You’re Considering Working with a PR Firm – PR for Artists

If you’re considering working with a PR firm, the following are some points to keep in mind: Remember, both you and your public relation consultants have a job description. Let the firm do their job and make sure you do yours. PR for artists is no different than PR...

How Artists Can Successfully Work with Their PR Firms

The first step is to realize that marketing is a necessity, not an option. The second step is to understand how important launching a PR campaign for your art and a career as an artist can be. If you’ve made it past those two steps. Congratulations. You’re ahead of...

4 PR Mistakes Artists Should Avoid

If you want to reach a broader audience and build your brand as an artist, there are some common marketing traps you want to avoid.  Below are four common PR “don’ts” to steer clear of. 1)     Don’t work on your art and then simply wait for your audience, buyers or...

Tracing Outlines: A “Bomb Waiting To Detonate on Art History”

To quote Christie’s NYC Robert Manley “[Elizabeth Rockwell] is arguably one of the most groundbreaking women in the art scene.” And according to Richard Armstrong, Director of the Guggenheim Museum “It’s inside American Art History a little recognized phenomenon," So...

Creating a PR Division for Marketing Your Art

If you’re not currently marketing your art, you’re doing yourself, your art and the public a disservice. If you can, hire a public relations firm, or a PR consultant to help you shape, frame, brainstorm and launch a creative media relations campaign. Your best bet is...

Forget Everything You Know About Being An Artist

What You Want: You want to realize your dream?  Answer your calling? You want to make your living as an artist? You want your art to sell? You want to be known and respected for the work you create? And is there, at least a small part of you who wants to prove them...

Doing it Wrong to Get it Right

Listen carefully to first criticisms made of your work. Note just what it is about your work that critics don’t like – then cultivate it. That’s the only part of your work that’s individual and worth keeping. ~Jean Cocteau Jean Cocteau was such a multifaceted artist...

Artist Elissa Tracy: Her new Selfies Series Watches Us Watch Ourselves

Elissa Tracy is a unique, bold, pop culture artist with a signature style.  Think Warhol meets Dali.  She has mastered the art of thick acrylic paints and deep, potent colors giving vibrant flair to the familiar and an allure to the abstract, creating her own twist of...

How PR Can (Quite Literally) Inform and Transform Art

I was speaking to a writer the other day about how she hates to have to market her work. It’s not a new complaint. I’ve heard it from writers, painters, musicians and film makers for years now. I’ve echoed the same complaint myself. It’s a perennial artist’s complaint..

The Secret of Establishing Your Art through the Media

Public relations and art aren’t always terms that seem to fit.  There are those in the art world who feel that there is no place for PR or marketing.  There are artists who feel marketing is a way of selling out and there are purists who feel that art is above any...

Congratulations Brendan O’Connell, featured in TIME Magazine

Household Brands Become Fine Art A painter finds inspiration in the grocery store O’Connell tells TIME that part of the reason for his interest in these subjects is consumer interest: his work isn’t cheap — $1,000 is the very low end — but art buyers are willing to...

PR For Artists: The Art of PR

From my perspective, when it comes to building a career as an artist, creating your art is step one.  That’s simply your starting point.  You then have a responsibility to your art, which is to find ways to get your art to the public.  If you are creating simply for...

Artists and The “Basics” of Success

On artist websites, our number one section is usually photos,” So said Warner Bros. Records SVP of New Media, Jeremy Welt, at the Bandwidth Conference in San Francisco.  Amazing the difference a few good photos can make. During this time of...

Promoting Your Art Utilizing PR

If you’re a sculptor, painter, photographer, craftsperson, musician, author, cartoonist and/or performance artist creating your art is step one when it comes to launching a successful career.  Once you’ve created your art, you next need to build the bridge between...

Authors, Musicians & PR’s Brave New World

Yes, the music industry has changed and in many ways it’s more challenging than ever before, but with change comes new opportunities.  Success can still be had by those who work to create it.  The traditional major label options aren’t as great and as varied as they...

PR for Artists

PR for artists is an art in itself.  Effective public relations comes down to compelling storytelling.  The more compelling the story, the more effective the PR campaign.  Unlike with advertising, or direct marketing or other forms of promotion, by utilizing PR or...

How PR Can Further Your Career in the Arts

If you’re an artist, whether a singer, author, actor, painter, sculptor, or director your goal is to share your vision and build a bridge between the public and your art.  But there is more that PR can do for you than simply build your customer, client or fan base. ...

Alice Cooper, Pat Benatar PR- & You

I began in the media world as a freelance writer.  My focus was on music, primarily rock.  I learned how the PR and marketing machines worked, but also learned how working with their teams, rock acts formed their own brands and created their own legends.  For example,...

Art, PR and the Billion Dollar Art Market

Check out a story about our very successful client, Brendan O'Connell... The art world is a world of business; really big business.  According to a recent segment on 60 Minutes, the market for this art has outperformed the Standard & Poor's list of 500 common...

The Art of P.R.

P.R. for Artists TM & the Art of P.R. Although L.A. is seen by most as the P.R. capital of the world, actually very few local artists know how to effectively promote themselves and their work. Most find it a daunting task, some believe that if they wait long...

The Myth of the Artist – And Its Danger to Your Art

Our culture has deified the myth of the artist.  It is a very seductive myth, that of the struggling, starving eccentric creator.  Art is a unique form of communication, communication with oneself but also with others.  Reading a poem in an empty room does not...